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Library and Archive

c/o Deutsche Nationalbibliothek
Adickesallee 1
60322 Frankfurt am Main

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c/o Deutsche Nationalbibliothek
Adickesallee 1
60322 Frankfurt am Main

Contact: Jens Kaufmann (library, videotheque)
Tel.: +49 69 961220-430, -432
Christof Schöbel (text archive)
Tel.: +49 69 961220-414
Debora Classen (text archive, journals and periodicals)
Tel.: +49 69 961220-413
Opening hours: Mon to Fri 10 am to 6 pm by appointment
The fees and the regulations for users of the German National Library (Deutsche Nationalbibliothek) are valid.
Holdings and
specialist collections:
Library and archive are located in the German National Library (Deutsche Nationalbibliothek). The library holds 80,000 publications on the history and theory of film, on individual directors and actors, films, genres and motifs, on the film industry and cinematic technology as well as related subjects such as film novels and published screenplays. Research data banks are also available.

The library also holds a unique historic collection of film books from 1897 onwards, on the pre-history of film, as well as material on international film festivals and grey literature. 180 current specialist journals and periodicals and an extensive collection of old periodicals round off the collection.

Some 6,500 films are available for viewing on video and DVD in the videotheque. Other collections such as the text and picture archives can also be used for research purposes.
How to get there: U5: Deutsche Nationalbibliothek
Bus 32: Deutsche Nationalbibliothek
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